Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter has blown in

Winter has definitely blown into Peachtree City. It is freezing down here, but is supposed to get up to 65 by the end of the week. Everyone has a cold and it doesn't seem to be letting up.
We are getting geared up for our church ski trip . We head to Copper Mt. Colorado for fun in the snow. My hubby is such a fantastic skier, I could watch him all day long. He just glides down those slopes making it look effortless, but those of you skiers who ski like molasses, like me, looks can be decieving can't they?

We stay in a FABULOUS home on the slopes. Forget the skiing, I just like to sit in the house by the fire and drink my coffee.

There is nothing so beautiful in God's creation as looking to the majestic Rocky Mountains and being so high you feel even with them.


Julie said...

Oh, ya'll are going to have so much fun again! Post a lot of pictures for us hibernating folks! love you!

Mandy said...

I'm glad you're going! I hope you have fun. Take lots of pics! Be safe!