Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am now convinced that when everyone goes out of town , (husband and parents included),something is going to happen that I have to fix. Whether it is a leak in the ceiling, rushing river coming out of dishwasher, the air conditioner stopping in 90 degree weather, or last night,the fire alarm going off at mom and dad's , and all of PTC Fire Dept. showing up because they didn't trust your password.
Am I being tested?
Last night,I have my dad in one ear, and the security company in another ear. It was quite hilarious. Should I have put us all on a three-way?
My sister is telling mom they might have to "bust "down the door."Land Sakes" , is her reply.( in her sweet southern accent)
I rush over to the house , and play "maintainence man", to disarm the alarm, as dad is telling me what to do. (I was literally in the alarm transformer box with a philipshead screwdriver, disconnecting wires )
My brother-in-law was hoping I'd be carted off to jail.( he's always messing with me).
Luckily, it was only a faulty smoke detector. That is an easy fix.
Well, at least my children are learning to handle situations that may arise when no one is around.
Everyone have a great trip, I"M HOLDING DOWN THE FORT WHILE YOU ARE GONE!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day & love to all !!!

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Julie said...

You're the BEST Les! You should be here!! I miss you!

I was laughing so hard on this end...all dad kept saying was "Les? What? I can't hear you...you're breaking up...well, go check on it...what?...."