Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's better to drive!

Ok, I have to admit, it is better to drive than to fly. Speaking from 25 years flying experience, I have had yet another flying adventure. Thanks to the great thunderstorms in Atlanta, which are a wonder to see, they certainly reak havoc on a trip to your sister's house with the children. Our trip turned into an 8 hr "turnaround and go back home trip". I really think I should have considered driving today. I am going to have faith in saying that we weren't meant to fly tonight,neither were the other 155 people on our airplane . I get to go home to my bed, but the weary travelers must persevere for yet more adventures tomorrrow. Just one of those days when it is better to have driven! Especially when the destination was only 4 hrs away! :)
Sis, I'll get to you yet!


Mandy said...

Gotta love airline travel!!! Hope you make it up there soon! Happy early birthday - hope you get something other than tires!

Julie said...

I'm SOOOOO excited to see ya'll!