Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Busy, Fun Life

Well, keeping up this blog is going to be a challenge for me. When my life gets busy, time really does fly. Todd and I have been having fun sharing a wonderful nutritional product, MONAVIE. It is a fruit juice with the world's purest, most potent form of Acai (Ah-sigh-ee)Berry which only grows in the Amazon rainforest,plus 18 other free -radical fighting fruits. Dr.'s are raving about it helping their patients! This company has built a 1 BILLION dollar business in less than 4 YEARS.
Due to the Acai content, and other fruits combination, it is really changing peoples lives with ,high cholesterol, cancer,diabetes, joint problems, etc. The list goes on. It's the real deal!
Well, that is my plug. We are just so excited that we need to share it with people. It tastes GREAT too! Feel free to look on the website and links I posted & check it out for yourself.


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Julie said...

You've got an audience now, you can't keep us waiting so long! Call me!:)