Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sitting down for the first time

Well , I have begun a humble attempt to have a blog. I have had several friends start blogs, and I enjoy them immensely.My sister's especially,(Travelsofabooklovingmom). She has become quite the writer. I'm hoping to extend my knowledge and vocabulary somewhat in taking on this endeavor. Either that, or make a fool out of myself for the whole world,which is what I usually am best at.I would just like to carve a little niche out of this world and maybe offer a chair to those who want sit for a minute or two. I love the Lord ,and I love my family.I am hoping the I can sit a while and remember the memories I am making in my life and those around me. Feel free to sit with me anytime.

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Julie said...

Oh my goodness! Les, that was fabulous! Wonderful writing! I love you bunches!And love your title! -Juls