Friday, July 25, 2008

My Baby's Home

Well my 12 year old son, Nick, has just come back from Taylor Christian Camp in Ky. He was with lots of great christian teens from the Woodland Hills church of Christ and the Chapel Hill congregation in Tn. He has not been that far from home for a week before. He had no cell phone signal, so it was like the old days with no phone contact for a week. Needless to say ,it was harder on me than him. He had a great time and didn't really think of home too much. He said he was having too much fun. He is a really good christian young man. We are so proud of him and he LOVES his mama!
My sister and I used to attend church camp and Girl Scout camp every summer .No AC and swimming in a lake. You were a good swimmer if you got to swim to the drain in the middle of the lake at GS camp. Devos at the lake,singing songs and praying with friends.
Those were fun times. Many friendships were made that lasted for years. I think that every child needs that bonding experience with other kids.It builds confidence and character, not to mention a sense of independence.


Mandy said...

Is Nick really old enough to go to camp alone for a week? Does that mean I'm old???? I'm glad he had such a great time. I, too remember fond memories of camp and hope my kids have that experience one day as well.

Julie said...

Boy, those were fun days!We were camp crazy weren't we! If he goes back next year, maybe Sav can go with him. I know he would watch after her.

Julie said...

Cancel that...DH just said it was for all boys. Maybe they can go to another one together.