Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am a GEEK!

Well, I am officiallt a GEEK!

I have managed to get 2 Dell computers up and running after a couple of "hair ripping" days. My hubby, of course was out of town and he got tired of hearing me stress. Those BASIC computer classes just aren't the same as they used to be. My A doesn't do much good. I find that it is by trial and error, and when it starts working, you are so happy, but don't have any clue as to how you just did the step that worked. I have an admiration for people who work on computers.
They have to have more patience than Job himself.
My hubby has that kind of patience. He can fiddle with something for hours. It is done in a meticulous manner working fine.I would be jumping off a bridge by the time it was over.

Santa brought Nick a Lacrosse stick, but it had not been strung. Todd bought string, read the pictures(can you do that?) and strung that head himself without ever seeing how it was done. I am very proud of that side of him. I hope that my son will be handy like that one day.


Anonymous said...

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Uno Who said...

You're so computer savey Akhilesh wants you to fix his computer.

If the women don't find you handsome, at least let them find you handy. (Red Green)

Julie said...

Okay, that's a little strange, huh?

Uno Who said...

She has a stalker....