Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall is in the air

Autumn brings...
cool evenings
beautiful colors
apple cider
warm soup on a cool evening
Yankee candle fall scents
camping trips to the North Georgia mountains
caramel and candied apples at the fair
hikes by a river in the woods
bike rides on the paths around the lake
Blessings of Thanksgiving to God for what we have
thoughts of the beautiful country in which we live


Julie said...

Okay, that's what I want! Beautiful! Miss you Les!

Julie said...

Hey Leslie,
Isn't fall wonderful? Jax and I are enjoying strolling in the cooler weather. Love the pics of Nick and Sydney - they are beautiful. May I link to your blog? Hope to see you soon.

Leslie said...

Id love to have you on my links

Kau said...

Thank you for this wonderful post.
I lived in the US for the most of the last decade and moved back to my home country India last year and leaving this comment from Bombay.
You've captured everything I miss about the fall and the changing weather.
Great Post.