Friday, September 12, 2008

Kindred Spirits

Have you ever had someone that was your friend and you did something out of the ordinary that was exactly alike? I mean so alike, it really took you for a loop?
On my sister' s blog(travelsofabooklovingmom),she was talking about her close friend Kim. They both like chips in their sandwich, which is something they didn't know about each other. It was a funny coincidence they laughed over during lunch.
My kindred spirit is Anne Levenson. She and her family were our neighbors( literally across the street), only for one short year. Our boys were both in kindergarten, we were the same height, and we just happened to attend the same congregation at church. It was wonderful!
We had a habit of showing up dressed EXACTLY alike. Same capris, same color shirt(sometimes from the same store),etc. She moved to Dublin Ohio, and on one visit, I yelled from the guest bedroom," I'm wearing my teal shirt with my khaki capris!" She replied," Ok, I've already got on my khaki capris, but Ill change out of my teal shirt and put on the fushia."
That really happened!
Isn't it great that God puts these wonderful people in our path ? I miss her tremendously and I know when we visit this fall, we'll come out laughing, going back and changing shoes, purses or shirts.

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Julie said...

Great picture of ya'll!!!
Love ya!