Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Labor Day by the pool

We had a great time at Grayton Beach. Mom and dad,Julie,Savannah,John, and the kids were there. Our dear friends, the Machemels rented the cottage right behind us. It was terrific!

We had the best shrimp and grouper, fresh from the Gulf, one night for dinner. There is nothing better when you make it yourself. The pool was FABULOUS! We ALL swam . The children turned into fish,they enjoyed it so much. With the jellyfish in the surf, it sure is nice to have another alternative . The washout is always good too ,but looks like you're swimming in tea.

Gustov sure came up close to the homes. I had not seen it that high in a long time. We left on Monday to return home. Oh what fun tmes we have with our family!!!

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